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Is Public Speaking The Number 1 Fear?


Pubic speaking is commonly stated as the number one fear, above everything else, even death. But is public speaking the number one fear?

Is Public Speaking The Number 1 Fear?

Well, recent studies say that no, it isn’t.

Public Speaking Number 1 Fear

Yes, maybe public speaking used to be the number one fear above everything else, but now the number one fear is running out of money in old age, or running out of money before we die.

More people are now afraid of running out of money in their old age, because we don’t have the government left to support us if we want to live a wealthy life. Often we can’t even rely on our family or can’t rely on the company that we have worked for.

So, that now has gone to the number one fear.

I couldn’t find out exactly where public speaking sits, if it now sits as the number 2 fear. There are a lot of different studies out there, so if you really want to know you can go looking for yourself.

But, if you getting up and you are talking about public speaking and you want to say that public speaking is the number one fear. Well, technically it’s not going to be true anymore. And I have said it in past videos and past podcasts and I will have to stop saying it.

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